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Paulo Manoel

Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business and Economics

Email: paulo.manoel at


My research is in finance, with a focus on entrepreneurship, bankruptcy, and public finance.


"Outraged by Compensation: Implications for Public Pension Performance" (with Alexander Dyck and Adair Morse), The Review of Financial Studies, vol. 35, 2928–2980, 2022

Working Papers

"Gender Bias in Debt Renegotiation" (with Vinicius Augusto Brunassi Silva), R&RManagement Science

"Characteristics of Mutual Fund Portfolios: Where are the Value Funds?" (with Martin Lettau and Sydney Ludvigson), R&RThe Review of Asset Pricing Studies

"The Real Effects of Politicians' Compensation" (with Igor Cunha)

"Crime Rates, Law Enforcement, and Business Activity"

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